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who has two thumbs and was in a car accident today!?

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this gal!!!

May. 17th, 2008

5 finals this week
and i'm not studying for a single one. i just wanna go to sleep
gimme sleep over anything anyday!

May. 10th, 2008

there is nothing better than spending my saturday at kinkos, coming home to left over pizza/pasta/breadsticks and cake!! and watching the newest Degrassi.

my diet went to hellllllll this weekend.

omgosh another reason why i love Degrassi, they have tim armstrong/aggrolites remix playing in the back that i've never heard before. LOVE!

May. 10th, 2008

here is why i'm bummed right now.
i just realized that i don't have Robert's phone number anymore.
I lost it when my phone died :(
and now suddenly i want to text him. i miss him. he was fun to hang out with.

anyways, yesterday, i worked from 11 to 3 at Disneyland
then i drove straight to LA to do the Quiksilver thing. we had a film screening and a cute band played.
then off back to the gg for Danny's birthday.
my legs never hurt so much in my life. i love that feeling of laying down and having all that pain flow through your body. it sounds weird, but it literally feels like it's leaving your body from head out through the toes.

whatevs. time for quiksilver.

to the helm!!! fer realzzies!!

I got the Quiksilver SITE LA internship!!!!!!


i start next saturday?
i got paid today. i have monies in my account now.


dear Carson Daly,

i like that you're back on kroq.
you're appealing again.

i feel like im in jr. high again.



Mar. 31st, 2008

do i quit?

or do i grow balls and fight back?

Mar. 27th, 2008

Dear job,

normally i'm very tolerant of you, and i will admit i like you.

but sometimes you really make me want to quit.

sadly yours,

i almost had to throwdown with a ho right now.
i'm in the parking lot sitting and waiting for a car to leave.
a car is leaving right where i was parked so i quickly put my blinker on
this chick pulls up right next to me withh her blinker on.
i turn to look at her and i shake my head.
she shakes her head.
i mouthed a "fuck no" to her.

so i'm inching forward as the car is pulling out, at this point i was willing to have my car dented in order to get the spot i wanted.
but she sped off ahead of me and drove away, so i got the spot.

so i'm sitting here waiting/hoping that she doesn't come back and mouth off to me, cuz being the pussy i am i would have apologized or said something stupid.

but thinking about it i think her head shake meant to inform me that she wasn't trying to take my spot, but that she was leaving.

i feel silly. and now i really don't want to run into her because i'm afraid she will kick my ass.

but fer realz i had this surge of adreneline and i was starting to shake

i really hate confrontation.

how was your day?